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Tracking payments that coming with 'PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING' status


Tracking payments that coming with 'PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING' status



I am implementing the payment gateway for a web application with .NET and I am using the Paypal Webhooks for it. There is a topic about which the documentation could not be found and it refers to the pending payments (PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING) that can be generated for different reasons. My questions are:

1. How to follow up on these payments?

2. How do you know that these payments went from PENDING to COMPLETED?

3. What is the event that the webhook would issue at the moment when the payment status changes from PENDING to COMPLETED?

4. Can the payments that remain in PENDING be canceled or are they automatically canceled by paypal?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Tracking payments that coming with 'PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING' status

1.  Not entirely sure I understand what you want to do here, but it sounds like the Data API could provide what you're after to follow up on transactions, check their status, etc. when necessary.


2.  You should receive an additional webhook when the transaction changes status.


3.  Review the list of all the webhook event types.  Within that you'll see events that you can setup for PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING and PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED.  I believe you will need to subscribe to each of those event types.


4.  A pending sale cannot be canceled, but it could be denied or reversed.  Each of these things would trigger different event types you would need subscribe to.

Angell EYE -
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