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Subscriptions: Set "quantities" in a Billing Agreement?

New Community Member

Subscriptions: Set "quantities" in a Billing Agreement?


I am currently using the Subscriptions API to create a Billing Plan and Billing Agreements.


Question: Is there anyway to set the amount of quantities chose by the customer and set it in the Billing Agreement so that PayPal would calculate the total price by itself? The formula would be like this: total price = price in Billing Plan * quantity set in Billing Agreement.


For my products, a user can subscribe to the product and they can choose the amount of licenses for the product. However, using PayPal's Billing Plan and Billing Agreement API, I have not found a way to set the price in Billing Plan and then set the amount of quantity through Billing Agreement. The only other way that I found is to create a Billing Plan every time a customer makes a purchase and set the `price = product price * quantity` in the Plan itself.


The problem with this method is when we decide to change the price, we would have to patch every single Billing Plan that has been made with the new price calculation (price = new product price * quantity). It's very impractical to do like this.


So, what we want to do now is to create a Billing Plan when setting up a product and only create a Billing Agreement when a customer makes the purchase. However, I have not found a way to set something like "quantity" in the Billing Agreement.


Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!