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Subscription API - Reactivate Suspended subscription

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Subscription API - Reactivate Suspended subscription

Hi, I am attempting to use the new Subscription API released in April ( to integrate PayPal subscription payments into my webapp but I am stuck on how to handle the case when user payments where not successful (for example when the credit card expired). I was not able to find this in the documentation.


I have the following specific questions:

1. When creating a plan through the Rest API I can specify a parameter payment_failure_threshold that determines after how many failed payments the subscription is automatically suspended by PayPal. What is the interval between those payments? Is it the regular interval of the billing cycle or does PayPal reattempt the missed payment after a certain time?

2. What notifications does the user receive when a payment failed? What if the subscription is suspended?

3. Is there a webhook triggered if a payment failed?

4. If the user updates their payment information after a failed payment attempt and the next payment is successful what happens to the subscription status, does it automatically return to `ACTIVE`? Is there a webhook triggered in this case?


Also a general question about the Python SDK (

The README states that ""The subscription REST APIs are fully supported by the sdk.""  but it seems the implementation uses the Billing Plans APIs not the new Subscription APIs (same for the beta v2.0 of the SDK).
Are there any plans to provide an SDK for the new Subscriptions API?

Thank you very much for your help! Happy also for guidance towards documentation I might have missed that answers my questions.


Re: Subscription API - Reactivate Suspended subscription

Hy unicher12,

I am having/facing same issues, regarding a missing payment for a subscription,

Have you got answers of those questions?

Please help me, Thanks,