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RestAPI locale property in v2

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Hey guys. I started doing a paypal integration using the Paypal nuget package. Everything was going on OK until I switched the email account that is being used to develop the api. That means I ended up using a different secret id and key. Seemed OK at first until tested the payment on the sandbox. I noticed right away that the language was in Spanish. Made no sense to me. I logged into the paypal account directly and checked the settings. The language on it says English. Checked the sandbox and there is no option to set the language anywhere at all. I did some searching and realized there might be an option to set the locale in the request. I was gonna try it via code but then I realized that it was in the deprecated version of the api. In v2, there is no option to set locale as far as I can see it. Can anyone help me find where I can set the locale in the current api version v2?


RestAPI locale property in v2


If you are using the JS SDK end, you would add it to the javascript resource.



If you are doing a back-end (server to server via REST v2), you can add locale to the application_context object.



That is also where you set landing_page to LOGIN, and brand_name etc.

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