Register as Paypal Partner - Multiparty for Platform


We have implemented everything as documented, see OnBoarding on the sandbox works.

Payments, repayments etc. also work in the sandbox.

For the live environment, we cannot create an APP with partner information so that we can use the same as in the sandbox in production.

On the US PayPal and DE PayPal page we have already filled out the form for partners several times. Unfortunately no answer.

We are about to switch back to the ClientID and ClientSecret for our clients because we want to roll it out.


The currently implemented adaptive payment paypal via the REST API APP is outdated. However, the old APP generates eight-figure revenues from our customers every year, so PayPal can't be indifferent to that.


Does anyone have experience of how to complete the process to become a PayPal partner. Better said started.

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@Dave312  did you ever resolve this?  we are in the exact same situation here and can't get anyone to respond to us.
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