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Paypal SmartButton payment Limitations !!

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I have some question related to Paypal Smartbutton payment technical integration ?

1. Can a customer, Who already have a paypal account, use the Debit OR Credit option ?
When i try to do it, it gives me an alert "There's already for this email address Try logging in."

But it takes me the same page & gives the same error.

2. When try to payment the via Debit or Credit option, But try to my credit card with different email id.
it's not allowing me. The message is "This card is used with some other account.

Also when it try to use a test card created for US , doesn't work with Address of India.

Are there any such limitations with payment on paypal?


Can someone help.



Paypal SmartButton payment Limitations !!


Hi Freeman_rodrigu, if a card is associated with a PayPal account then you need to login to that PayPal account and then you can use the card as funding source. Or could be the case the card is linked to a PayPal Account which needs a review and in such case you should check with Customer Support to understand if it is the case.

Then there could be specific country rules in the usage of a card like for example for India, also in this case Customer Support can provide more details.

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