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Paypal Plugin 2.1.1 for shopware webhooks error


Paypal Plugin 2.1.1 for shopware webhooks error

Dear all,


i use  Shopware Version 5.5.6 and Paypal Plugin 2.1.1


So far, I have successfully booked two trial payments with DirektPay. In the normal order process with the payment method Paypal unfortunately comes the tiresome "no access". Webhook is registered - at least this is shown, API test works, caches emptied several times ...

In the Shop Log is the following: "PayPal: Could not register webhooks due to a communication failure {" message ":" Client error response "

I have even deleted the Weebhok in PayPal Develompent and re-register via Shopware in the Paypal setting ... without success ...


I also tried to see some more error messages with chrome browser:

Fehler beim check out_ChromeUntersuchung.PNG

I hope someone can help me. THX