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PayPal payout fee


PayPal payout fee

I’m using PayPal restapi for payout. What we trying to achieve is to put fee on recipient side rather than on our side. Our platform pay other for their service and it makes sense to put fee on their side. I contacted PayPal support and they give me solution with marking payout type as ‘pay for service/good’ but this option exist only if you use PayPal dashboard. Can I use this option but using rest api? If not, is there any way how to do payout with restapi but put fee on recipient side?
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Re: PayPal payout fee

I have the exact requirement. Did you find a solution?


I tried the logic in my sandbox, following the table in, but my fees are higher than the 2% / fixed cap amount. I.e. 


$2562.00 AUD to AUD returns a fee of $51.24. But it should be capped at $24.