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PayPal business account link to multiple businesses


PayPal business account link to multiple businesses

Hi ,


I am running 3 businesses that offer cash back to consumers for their purchases. Cash back is through PayPal. I only have one bank account.


I don't suppose I can have 3 separate accounts and all of them linked to same bank account, right?


I want to be able to differentiate in my bank account or in PayPal Activity dashboard/report, which payout happened for which of my 3 businesses.


How do I achieve this? My team is also looking at automating PayPal Payouts to consumers using PayPal PayOut APIs. Can some field in the API be used to identify the 3 businesses which will also then appear in the Activity Reports?


Any help would be much appreciated.




Re: PayPal business account link to multiple businesses

If it's three different businesses then for the purposes of accounting and your corporate veil you really need to have separate bank accounts and PayPal accounts for each.

However, to answer your question, yes you can link the same bank account to multiple PayPal accounts.



Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!