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PayPal Market Place Payment Re-Attempt Process


PayPal Market Place Payment Re-Attempt Process

Hello All,


We have used PayPal Market Place and We want to create recurrence for that we have used "Billing Agreement" API and store "Billing Agreement ID" for future use.

Now on date of recurrence we have create order and pay this order using billing agreement id and after that I have also integrate WebHook for PayPal Payment Captured and we will get payment confirmation.

Now we need to implement re-attempt process for payment. If due to any reason PayPal not able to proceed payment then we need to re-attempt after 3 days. And still payment not proceed then we will disconnect service. 

So do you have any suggestion and development document for this functionality?
We tried to develop custom functionality but every time when PayPal goes for payment it will captured either PayPal balance or credit card or union credit so we can't test this functionality until PayPal failed in first attempt.