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PHP :: How to start with PayPal, doing flexible payments, ...


PHP :: How to start with PayPal, doing flexible payments, ...

PHP How to start with PayPal, doing flexible payments, pay all in one payments, or pay x times y+z rateheight



i'm want to use PayPal for flexible paying


The UseCase:

A Customer  buys a Product for amount x € in TeleSales and we offer him to pay it once, or in different parts where the firste rate can be different.

so two Case i have to implement:

   Payment all once, e.g. pay immediately 2000€

   Payment in Rates, different amounts, e.g. pay in 5 times, every month, in the first 800 € in the other 4 Month 300€


So i implemented this in Stripe this was easy, i' ve done it with a similar thing like the express checkout, i get the token, i create a customer with his card information, i charge it, once or even 6 times. Everything, all relevant Objects, i have a REST API and a Dashboard, where i can see what i have done with may WebAPP. So this was for me more clear how it works.


My Questions:

For the UseCase, which Components from PayPal do i need, can i do it with one simple Element, or do i need more things. I prefer REST API, and Customizing all things from the WebApp?


Is there an Easy Method, where i can use something like Expresscheckout, where the Customer login in, and my server get an id, which i can use for payments, so that i only must do something like payment(ammount, ID):result, and i can use it multiple time?


If not what is the correct PayPal-Way?