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Orders v2 Capture Status Possible Values


Orders v2 Capture Status Possible Values

Hi there, we are trying to integrate the orders v2 API into a new application, which is replacing a previous application that used the NVP API.


I had some questions about the order capture process in the new API.


In the docs ( we see that the possible statuses upon a successful order capture are as follows:


  • SAVED.

Besides "COMPLETED", It's not clear to me in what situations these statuses might occur. For example, since we are making the orders with INTENT = CAPTURE, is it ever possible to see the statuses such as "CREATED", "SAVED", "APPROVED", etc? Do we need to check this before releasing the product to the user, or is receiving a 200/201 status enough?


Furthermore, in the result returned we have the field purchase_units[].payments[].captures[].status. Is this something we need to check after a capture and what are the possible values here? Is it possible for more than one capture or payment to be returned in the array and if so, how do we know which one to check for the status?


Thanks, Shawn


Re: Orders v2 Capture Status Possible Values

Hi again, It seems like my thread has been moved to the "NVP/SOAP APIs" forum but my question is about the REST APIs. Could it be moved back?