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No response from dozens of partner/platform dpt, is there another way to set it up?

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Question specifically for @MTS_Aaron please... 😀 


Hey Aaron, we have an online course marketplace and wish to allow our course-creator customers to accept payments from THEIR customers without us getting involved. Basically they should just turn the feature on and start accepting payments into their own PP account from customers.


We have built a platform partner app and it's working in sandbox mode, but can't get our partner approval to take it live. (I've filled out the partner application forum dozens of times now, but nobody ever gets back to us.)


My two question:

- Is there any way you can help us to get in touch with the right people to review/approve our partner application?

- If not, is there any other way you can think of to set this up to do what we need? 


Thank you so much!!!





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