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Multiple IPN


Multiple IPN

Hi there,
So I am integrating Paypal and Zapier to meet some of my requirements, as I need to use multiple zap to handle my multiple requests. Which means I need to have option to have multiple IPN's but as far as I learned there is only option to have single IPN but zapier provided me a workaround but the problem now is they are asking for my old/default IPN from paypal, but I replaced that with url from zapier without saving IPN from paypal.
Is there a way to get to know my old IPN or
Is there any other way to have multiple IPN's in paypal?
Looking forward to hearing from you



Re: Multiple IPN

Use sonic IPN - very advanced options.

You can set many rules, wildcards, can also be integrated with ClickBank, ThriveCart and other systems for the same site, multiple sites and set forwarders as needed per product. Super advanced. Used by Internet marketers.


From my bad experience:

Avoid like a plague the angelleye PayPal IPN forwarder - very dishonest man he is. I purchased his plugin when it was the pro upgrade to his free WordPress repository one. Alas, he removed the free one a short time ago and began charging for it. He has the right of course.

However, as a paid customer I should be getting it free since it's part of my purchase of the upgrade and the pro plugin does not function without having also the basic one installed and the updater plugin installed.

So now he's demanding money also for the basic plugin when I just need the forwarder functionality. Super dishonest and scammy behavior.




Re: Multiple IPN

@tekmama, I offered you a free year of the plugin, and a discount on the licensing after that.  I'm trying to help you.  What you are doing here helps no one.


@Andrea_Beil, We have a PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin, which did used to be free.  We have moved to a paid model for that plugin, which has apparently really upset tekmama.


The IPN plugin by itself is a developer tool that turns your WP site into an IPN handler, and gives you hooks so that you can easily trigger all of your own code based on the transaction type or payment status.  With that plugin alone you could setup your own forward rules with just a little bit of code.


Then we do offer the IPN Forwarder add-on for those that don't code.  It gives you a UI to easily set it all up.


I'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.




Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!

Re: Multiple IPN

Also, keep in mind that the REST APIs (which is the forum you posted in) do not use IPN. Instead, they use Webhooks.

We are currently building PayPal Webhooks for WordPress, which be similar to our IPN plugin, but for Webhooks of course. 🙂

We should have that launched within just a couple of weeks. If you're using the REST APIs, that's what you're going to want.

Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!

Re: Multiple IPN

Another lie from you. I WAS NEVER EVER OFFERED 1 year free.

Here's what you personally wrote to me after a grueling experience with your retarded support guy who kept taking many days to reply and basically drives me in circles all the time till you finally took over the support ticket:



As it stands now, it seems you have a license for the Forwarder, but you do not have a license for the main IPN plugin that used to be free, but is no longer.

We are currently running a sale on the IPN plugin, but I will offer you a 50% discount off the sale price. If you click this link you'll see this applied accordingly.

Once you have a license key for the main IPN plugin you will be able to activate it within the Updater the same way you did the Forwarder plugin, and then you will be able to update both.

Again, we do plan to consolidate into a single plugin for the IPN functionality. Please bear with us while we make these adjustments.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about that. Thanks!

Drew Angell


******************* ADDITIONALLY:

"It seems" I have a license?! I do and will promptly now chargeback on you.


You never mentioned the basic free plugin would be treated as a stand-alone plugin. Just as all other WP repository plugins which have a basic free one and then offer paid upgrades for more functionality, I purchased an upgrade to your very basic plugin I don't even need if it comes without the upgrade for multi IPN forwarding functionality. Why should I need to pay for a useless to me plugin and pay for another plugin for what I need?!  


Re: Multiple IPN

@tekmama, Look at the last reply I sent you from our help desk. That is where I offered you the free year. It was the reply right after the one you show here.

I really do not understand why you are attacking me so hard. I've done nothing but provide quality products and service for you, and I've offered to help you in numerous ways, yet you are just attacking me over a $30 product.

If you would like me to honor what I offered you, please reply to me in our help desk ticket that you have with us and we will get you taken care of.

If not, you can simply move on with another solution. There's no need to go on an all out attack on multiple channels.

You know I've been reasonable here. I don't know why you can't just accept my offer or move on.
Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!

Re: Multiple IPN

"We are currently running a sale on the IPN plugin, but I will offer you a 50% discount off the sale price."  

This in no way sounds or reads as you offering me a free year.

Until you get your act together and consolidate 3 plugins into just 1 lite one that is what's needed in the PayPal IPN listener/ forwarder functionality. Because who the heck wants to pay you for 2 plugins when just 1 is needed. And the needed one was already paid for and the support for that year is just halfway through. Who the heck wants to renew to pay for 2 plugins when just 1 is required. 


The issue is money and the principle. The principle is you don't **bleep** your customers like this and pretend it's OK doing that.

You had a free plugin in WordPress repository and the upgrade was for functionality not so many wanted apparently and you made the free one a paid plugin and demand from the few who did provide you an income DOUBLE the money for no reason apart from them needing the advanced features.

This is a punishment to a paid customer and **bleep** them stabbing them behind the back. They buy a plugin and suddenly need to buy 2.


DISHONEST and SCAMMY, no other way to see this I'm afraid. 


So albeit I can try and read your email 1000 times and use google translator for Chinese as well it still won't show me anywhere a text you claim you wrote to me offering a free year.

and not just some amazing gesture gift of a free year but every year [if I continue my plugin update payment this free -no-longer-free basic required plugin] must be for an upgraded customer who purchased the upgraded functionality.


If you don't want to lose more than plugin with chargebacks fees, then you should provide your PAID customers with the key for updating the basic plugin that was originally free at the time of purchase and not waste our time or steal from us.


I am willing to accept this key and stop demanding my rightful rights for it - once I get it.


Re: Multiple IPN

I offered it to you in the help desk privately, and I've offered it to you here publicly.

What's the difference between two plugins for $30/each and one plugin for $60? If the plugins were consolidated, that's what it would be.

The forwarder plugin does require the main plugin. The main plugin, though, does not require the forwarder. Some people want the main plugin and don't need the forwarder, so that's why are currently separate.

As noted many times now, we do have plans to offer a consolidated plugin, but again, the price would be very similar to what both plugins are now anyway.

Also, again, IPN is now the "old" method of handling notifications like this. The new system uses Webhooks instead of IPN, and we are in the process of building "PayPal Webhooks for WordPress".

This will replace IPN, and will be a single plugin to start, but could branch off into additional, separate add-ons in the future. It's a very common model for WP plugins.

I'm sorry that you feel so hurt by this, but I stand behind my reputation with PayPal and with our current user base. We provide quality products and quality service.

If you want the free year, reply to the help desk and we'll get you taken care of. If not, great, you can move in another direction.
Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!

Re: Multiple IPN

Hmmm, seems also WordPress kicked him and his plugin/s out as it says on the plugin page: 


This plugin was closed on February 21, 2019 and is no longer available for download. Reason: Guideline Violation.


Re: Multiple IPN

OK, issue resolved

- must have had issues with his customer support ticket system as I had not received emails he claimed to have sent where he did, in fact, offer to resolve this correctly and even provide me a license for life for my aggravation.


He sent me a direct email and showed proof of that, so I take back accusations he lied about it, my mistake and his support ticket system mishap for some reason.

As I cannot remove the posts - please disregard them, the issue was satisfactorily resolved.