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Multiparty transaction

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Hello Community,

Here is my scenario 

I am providing service, nothing to ship (No physical goods involved)

So I want to implement solution that allows payment to be made to two parties using single transaction

Payment should not require any additional approval from payer once payer authorize the transaction.


Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance.  


Multiparty transaction


Hello @anupam18 

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Community.

PayPal has a Multi Seller Market place available which allows you to process payments from multiple sellers simultaneously, while accepting a small fee. The buyer will authorize one payment and the funds can be disbursed instant, or delayed.


PayPal Commerce will allow you to be able to have a specific account that processes all payments, holds funds, disburses funds, takes funds from other accounts via an API Call. The disbursement can be instant or delayed. This integration uses Server Side Rest API.

Here is the documentation:



Get Started:


Multi Seller Payments API:

Here is the information on Onboarding Sellers:


Accepted Currencies:

If you would like to test out the API to make sure it works for your platform, I can enable it in sandbox for you. Please create a Sandbox Business Account and provide the Client ID and the Sandbox Business Address. 

Here is how to create a Business Sandbox Account:

Here is how to create a Rest API Platform Application:


Thank you,





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