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MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER when requesting "/v1/catalogs/products"

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I've successfully integrated the /v1/oauth2/token endpoint and obtained a token, but now when I try to do a basic request to view the products I've created on the PayPal website for a subscription, I get:




[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] PayPal request to `` with token `A21AALvSuCvj-6n1JCT2sWTQ-KCXOwQm9KpIw...uKIkDp_phw`
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] -------------------[ SEND ]-------------------
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] {}
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] ----------------------------------------------

[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] Receiving HTTP code `400`. Total time: 0.65s.
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] ------------------[ RECEIVE ]-----------------
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] {"name":"INVALID_REQUEST","message":"Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema.","debug_id":"...","details":[{"field":"/name","location":"body","issue":"MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER","description":"A required field is missing."}],"links":[{"href":"","rel":"information_link","method":"GET"}]}
[04-Oct-2021 14:40:47 UTC] ----------------------------------------------




The documentation found at clearly states that no param is required. Additionally, when I try to call this with a random param called "name" which is being specified in the error, it seems to create this product?


What am I doing wrong?

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