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Login with PayPal Integration status check


Login with PayPal Integration status check

Hello, PayPal community!

2 weeks ago my team submitted an application to approve Login with PayPal to our website. 
We have a marketplace-type platform and want our users to get payments from us by connecting their PayPal accounts. 
We sent an email with a detailed product description and the specific scope approval request to help-loginappreview at PayPal but have not heard back. 

Calling PayPal did not help either. I was transferred to Merchant Service Sales, MTS, Integrations and back to sales. No one seems to know how to find the team that does this approval and how to check our status. 

Has anyone experienced something like that? 
Any ideas on how to break the cycle?


Thanks a million! 🙏🏻


Re: Login with PayPal Integration status check

Any reply now? We have the same problem here. Please help us.