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Live webhooks not firing


Live webhooks not firing


we have a strange issue with live webhooks not firing at all.

Account type: personal (live application is successfully created, and there've been transactions lately that, I believe, should have triggered the webhooks).

Webhook event types: all

Sandbox webhooks are successfully sent. 

Listener does not receive any live webhooks — it's not any kind of error, the listener has been available online all this time.


Does anyone know what could be the issue? Anyone else facing something similar?



Re: Live webhooks not firing

Are you seeing anything in the webhook logs showing that it was sent? There could be an issue in the listener script causing it to fail, so it seems like it's not getting hit.

Need to verify that with logs. Either PayPal's or your own raw server logs.

Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!

Re: Live webhooks not firing

@angelleye Yes, I should've put in the original message: there are no webhook events in the log in the developer dashboard in PayPal. So it would be useless to expect them to be sent to the listener somehow, yes 🙂

But there were events (purchases) that I think should have fired some webhooks.

Could it be that live webhooks are only sent in business accounts?

Could it be that some purchases are not generating the kinds of events that fire webhooks?


Thank you for assistance, we will probably write to PayPal support but maybe this thread will also be useful to someone.