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Live Webhooks not firing


Live Webhooks not firing



I made a recurring to work and set a webhook URL in my APP and subscribed to all events.

All working (API) but events are not fired to my URL. 

It's Sandbox mode.

Creation/Cancel of subscription, payments are not working, it just wont ping my URL.

In list of webhooks I see all events but with yellow triangle, tried with hitting resend button but still it does not trigger my URL.

Why? Is this some bug or I have to do something in order to get this to work?




Re: Live Webhooks not firing

Still the same, does anyone know what's going on with this?


Re: Live Webhooks not firing

It sounds like you have some sort of an error in your webhook handler. Make sure to check your web server logs to see if the handler is indeed getting hit but returning a 500 error of some sort.
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Re: Live Webhooks not firing

Did not have errors, now it's working.

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Re: Live Webhooks not firing

Not working this morning.  The 3 most recent payments in my Activities have no corresponding records in my WebHooks history.  It was working fine till 6 am PST this morning.  Payments and webhooks were matching up till that time.


There have been no changes in my system, I've checked error logs.


I strongly believe something has stopped working from Paypal side.  We need Paypal devs to get on this asap.