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Jotform and Paypal integration

New Community Member

Jotform and Paypal integration

Hi all - I'm trying to get the integration to work with JotForm, and the Paypal info about REST APIs doesn't seem to jive. 

I've got things set up properly (live client ID and secret, production in setting) - but I still get the instant: payment error: client authentication failed.

Paypal documentation seems to talk about downloading CURL and programming . . . but this isn't anything I can see to do in JotForm OR PayPal.

The URL is here:

Any insight would be amazing. I've looked through the forum and I can't find a solution - tried emptying cache, tried messing with settings, nothing. I got on with PayPal chat but my kids drew me away and they closed the account without saving it so I can't see any solution from them. HELP! Smiley Happy