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Issue with Paypal Vault payment api

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Issue with Paypal Vault payment api

I had implemented paypal vault api in USA based business account. It was working perfectly till day before yesterday. But from yesterday it is not taking credit card authorization or sale. It is generating the VALIDATION_ERROR in the field payer.funding_instruments.credit_card_token.external_customer_id

and shows the error "This field name is not defined for this resource type".

I am sending email id of the cusomer on the field. Now if I remove the filed external_customer_id form funding instrument, it works fine.

Since it was working before with the field, I want to know if there has been any change in paypal vault api input which I am not aware of. Can anybody help me on the issue?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Issue with Paypal Vault payment api

we had the identical issue. PayPal's customer support was completely unhelpful.
The documentation shown here:
says that external_customer_id should be included if it was used when storing the card. The example given, includes it. 

After working fine for several years, stored card payment requests started failing in late January. Now, thanks to your posting, we have them working again.