Is it safe to re-send messages when the hostname could not be resolved?

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We are using the .NET PayPal SDK to handle payments on our website. It works well almost every time, but we are currently facing some DNS server issues with our provider. At least once a day, a payment confirmation or refund fails, because of an error like this: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: No such host is known. (

The PayPal SDK is not the issue, but the DNS server is. However, while the IT support checks on the DNS server, I was thinking to build a fallback mechanism. The idea is to repeat a PayPal SDK function call whenever it fails with an error message such as the one I listed above.

I have developed also a way for us to use the REST API instead of .NET SDK, because it is marked as deprecated. However, resolving the domain name would still be an issue.

My questions is if that is safe or if there are concerns of any kind why I should not do that?

Kind regards, Benjamin

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