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Invoice Number bug on Recurring Payments


Invoice Number bug on Recurring Payments

I have a problem with recurring payments: I use the invoice # to separate clients, since sometimes payers' email addresses change but the company is the same, so I use the code "AM-CUSTOMER-001", where AM is my company (Artlytical Media), CUSTOMER is a code I use for the customer (like NWO), and the number at the end is the number of the invoice.

When a recurring payment is sent, it sends the same "CUSTOMER" value as the last invoice I sent, NOT the last recurring payment in that series. So my clients are getting invoice numbers with OTHER clients' codes on it, which is unprofessional and incorrect. Can you please fix this bug? I don't know who would want the recurring payment to take the LAST invoice's textual value over the last RECURRING payment's textual value.


Re: Invoice Number bug on Recurring Payments

Hi @artlytical_dave


I'd encourage you to submit a ticket with our Technical support team who can research this issue further and drive this issue with our Product development teams. 




Re: Invoice Number bug on Recurring Payments

That's exactly the link I was looking for; although I'm bummed there isn't any work-around.  Thanks!