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Invoice Integration with website

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Invoice Integration with website

I have created a manual Invoice in my Paypal Business account and I want my customer to pay the invoice amount through my website. How do I integrate the manual invoice to my website?


Basically, I want the customer to enter the invoice number on the website and get the amount to be paid an once the amount it paid the status should get updated in my PayPal business account. 



Re: Invoice Integration with website

Have you reviewed the Invoicing APIs?


You could use "show invoice details" to pull details when the user enters the invoice number.  You can display this however you want.


The response there will include recipient_view_url which can be attached to a link/button so the person can click to load it and submit their payment on the PayPal Invoice directly.  That will take care of updating the PayPal status accordingly.


Then you can use invoicing webhooks to update your own system, send out custom branded emails, or anything else you might want to automate based on PayPal transactions.

Angell EYE -
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