Implement using a single API to get address from paypal and complete transaction on our system.



We have implemented PayPal  that contains a two step process when placing an order:

  1. Cart page:
    1. Where all the items added are shown and the calculation for tax, shipping is calculated.
    2. The total amount needed to send to PayPal using the Payment API
    3. The amount is authorized and the user is redirected to their PayPal account where they can select their preferred shipping address
    4. After receiving a valid response, the user’s preferred shipping address is auto fill on the Checkout Page

  1. Checkout page:
    1. Where the final submission of the order is done
    2. As soon as the user approves the payment from his PayPal account they are would be redirected on the checkout page, where their selected address from PayPal account is auto-filled.
    3. Lastly they complete the order and we use "Capture authorized payment" API to capture the authorized payment using the authorized ID.

The main motive is that, the user can select the saved addresses in their PayPal account and auto fill in our system.

I would like to know if the above functionality can be achieved rather using the two APIs of authorizing and capturing the authorized payment and use only a single API.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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