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Get initial amount, send to paypal and return token for that to create charge later

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I have one case and I wants to know that whether it can be possible or not.

Customer will come on my website and will click on paypal button for payment. When customer will click on button then website will redirect on the paypal website where

customer will login with paypal login credentials and will choose payment method. Customer more then one credit card can be linked with the paypal so when customer

will be redirect from my website to paypal website after authenticate the paypal login credentials then paypal will offer the customer to choose one card out of their

saved cards and customer will choose specific one and after that customer will come back on the my website with on token which will be used for future paypal. Is this

case possible?

I have used the vault apis and using vault api I am getting the token and using token I am successfully charging amount with paypal api but all this process is running

on my website and I am just hitting the api using curl code but just to get the trust of customer I want to redirect them on paypal. So please let me know if above

case can be possible otherwise it's working fine for me without redirect on paypal using paypal vault and charging apis.



Get initial amount, send to paypal and return token for that to create charge later


Hi Kuldeep6, the scenario mentioned in your post was possible with ReferenceTransactions

The product is deprecated even tough is still possible to use. In any case ReferenceTransaction needs to be enabled after a review of the account as it is not a standard product.

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