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Generating a Request for Payment URL link to a destination email through a webhook

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Hi, I am a newbie with Paypal. I would like some orientation - if possible - to achieve the following. I have Online Courses that can be purchased by anyone and any potential customer request the course with an online form with a BPM (business process management) application because the form submits a request to a validator person that would determine if the potential customer can receive the course (it has some requirements that need to be validated). Once the validation is approved, the BPM platform has REST capability, so I would like to send to Paypal the information to generate and Request for Payment for that product which can be either sent by paypal directly to the email sent with through the API, so that the client receives an email from paypal requesting the payment on the currency I have set out in the API request and once the person pays, get back a notification from paypal that the payment went through.  All this using REST between the BPM (kissflow) and Paypal. 


An alternative approach  - much simpler and less reliable - would be to create "fixed" payment URLs for the different 10 courses that require validation and have the BPM sent a regular email to the person paying with the URL for the payment. This scenario do not have the confirmation back to the BPM but conceptually should be much easier because you create the URL "fixed" payment link per product and have a simpler BPM automation just add that payment link to the email depending on the type of course that it wants to buy. 


The problem with being a newbie.... I dont know where to start for either scenario. I would be most grateful if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance. Otto 

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