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Express Checkout webhook sandbox events aren't sent to listener.


Express Checkout webhook sandbox events aren't sent to listener.

I'm trying to integrate PayPal's Express Checkout button with server-side REST API implementation in an e-commerce website and I've been having issues testing the webhook notifications. I'm using c# webforms with the .NET PayPal SDK as well as code adapted from the tutorial in the links: PayPal REST API, PayPal Webhooks.

After the client authorizes the payment and the server sends the execute call, the only webhook notifications I'm receiving are PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING events, even though I selected all events to be sent in the application dashboard. If I check the notifications tab in the dashboard, I can see successful payment notifications were received in both the merchant and buyer sandbox accounts. If I check the API calls tab in the dashboard, there's only 1 "/v1/notifications/webhooks-events" after every "/v1/payments/payment/PAY-xxxx/execute" call.

In addition to the problem above, if I try to use the Webhook simulator to send notifications to my listener, I always get the following exception when I call "WebhookEvent.Get(apiContext, webhookId)":

"The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."
"{\"name\":\"INVALID_RESOURCE_ID\",\"debug_id\":\"3ce295c1929ea\",\"message\":\"Resource id is invalid\",\"information_link\":\"\",\"details\":[]}"

 EDIT 12/06/2018: Feel free to close this post. I've figured out what was wrong, the account I was using had the currency conversion settings set to manual, which don't get triggered by sandbox payments.