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Expansion of carrier tracking / How to add a new carrier

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Dear all,

We are looking for a contact person who can help us regarding the implementation of the tracking of courier and parcel services. Unfortunately, we have already tried to contact PayPal via several tickets, calls and emails, but they have not been able to give us a contact person in the company to take care of this.

We have been made aware by our customers that payments are made more quickly if the delivery can be confirmed by the parcel service provider via a tracking API. PayPal has already integrated many of these service providers (see

We are an express service provider (GO! Express & Logistics) that is primarily active in Germany, Austria and occasionally in other European countries (e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark) and would like to give PayPal the opportunity to integrate our shipment tracking.

What possibilities do you have to integrate our REST API (GO! Tracking API) into your system so that our mutual customers can benefit from it?

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