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I builing a multi vendor shop site and the last problem is the payment . How do i set that when a client pay for order the payment will go direct to the vendor without commissions ? Or with commissions ? How is it work

Re: Developer

Well, which do you want? With or without?

The Classic API makes this very simple, actually. It allows for Parallel Payments where you can specify the SELLERPAYPALACCOUNTID in each individual payment included on a single checkout.

If you only have one payment included, and the account you specify is a 3rd party account, it will send the payment to that account directly even though you're using your own API credentials. This does not require any Permissions or anything.

You can include yourself as a second payment on the parallel payment, but you can't do a "chained" payment like you could with the original Adaptive Payments system.

With REST you would need to onboard your vendors so that they grant permission for your app to make calls on their behalf. Then you could setup order payments that go directly to them, but this would not include a split for yourself taking a fee.

For that you would need the new PayPal Commerce Platform, which would allow you to add a "partner fee" into the mix, which is the amount that would come to you. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to get into right now. You need an account manager to help you with it.

Angell EYE -
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