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Checkout v2--how to get email address?


Checkout v2--how to get email address?

This is a relatively new problem.  Using the sandbox to test transactions, I've been getting the email address just fine.  Now all of a sudden that information is missing.  I use the orderID retrieved from the onApprove details.  PayPal returns a valid order just fine:


Order JSON.jpg

Only the name and country code are appearing in the payer information.  Using the onApprove function following the checkout button integration guide, I'm also trying to send myself the details.payer.email_address field but that's null.


Anyone have any idea why this information isn't present, and maybe how to get it?  The email address is the one most important piece of information I need.





Re: Checkout v2--how to get email address?

Apparently I'm not allowed to post an image of test data from the sandbox even though the only thing showing was a test customer's fake name.  I guess that qualifies as "sensitive information".


That said, I retested the whole chain with my live credentials and got the email address.  The customer address still doesn't show up in either live or sandbox mode which is completely confounding because it DOES show up on the "Payment Received" email I get from PayPal.  I guess as long as the email sticks around on the API I'll be fine but I'm seriously losing faith in the ability of these functions to be consistent.