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Cannot refund a capture transaction

New Community Member

Cannot refund a capture transaction

I am using the rest api.

I have created an authorization /v1/payments/authorization/9C772407N49081XXX

which is then captured /v1/payments/authorization/9C772407N49081XXX/capture


If I query the capture I can also retrieve the parent payment.

The parent payment shows me 2 transactions,

the auth and also the capture.


What I am wondering is that the capture shows following state:

"state": "pending",


I am trying to refund the capture via


POST using the capture transaction id here.

Body just contains an amount object

"amount": {
"currency": "GBP",
"total": "1"


The response is then:

"message": "Request was refused.You can not refund this type of transaction",
"information_link": "",
"debug_id": "662e73232f13e"


what does it mean?


Re: Cannot refund a capture transaction

Shouldn't the link like:

If sandbox mode then