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Hello everyone


I am trying to implement recurring monthly payments for a store. I am having doubts wheather the paypal subscription will work for me.


In the store, a user can request a digital product to be delivered in a certain interval, for a certain period of time .

For example: I can request product A to be delivered every 30 days, from June 2024 to June 2025.


I have read the subscriptions docs and i saw they require them to be connected to a product.  My issue here is that i don't think our store's products are what paypal subscriptions consider a product.


A subscription product would be something like a video streaming service, where you have many users all subscribed to that same service.


In my store, every order for the same service would be a new subscription to that same product but with a different price depending on order. Is this possible?
The products is  the same but the price can vary depending on order parameters. And the same user could subscribe multiple times to that same product.

Any help understanding this better would be very welcome

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