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Automatic Payment


Automatic Payment

Hi Everyone

I want to auto deduct money from user account for the Merchant Account after the customer approval via Agreement.

Steps I am following:

I am following PayPal link( :

1. Create and Activate Plan
2. Create an Agreement
3. Customer Approval for the Agreement
4. Execute Agreement(creates order as addressed in Agreement)



Condition: when the wallet balance is low than $50 then only the agreement should be executed. 

1. The Billing Plan is created as a subscription i.e the plan can be created according to defined type:infinite,payment_definitions frequency(Daily, Weekly and Monthly) and cycles:0 in the plan but I want to set the plan according to a condition.

2. For executing agreement Token is required that is returned by the PayPal site after customer approval. How to regenerate the token for that particular agreement?


Is the approach is correct or is there any other approach for the problem?