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API call to retrieve transaction - errors getting "Specified resource ID does not exist"

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We have a webhook receiving paypal transaction information. Our webhook immediately decodes the payload, and calls the PayPal API to retrieve the transaction associated with the webhook message.


We are now seeing in about 20% of the calls, in production, the error message "Specified resource ID does not exist"


Can someone please suggest a solution?





We are using the PayPal SDK to create a PayPalHTTPClient


private function _getPayPalClient() {
$clientId = $this->getClientId();
$clientSecret = $this->getSecretKey();
if($this->isLive() == true) {
error_log('creating production environment: '.$clientId.', '.$clientSecret);
$environment = new ProductionEnvironment($clientId, $clientSecret);
} else {
error_log('creating sandbox environment: '.$clientId.', '.$clientSecret);
$environment = new SandboxEnvironment($clientId, $clientSecret);
return new PayPalHttpClient($environment);


public function getTransaction($transactionId)
$client = $this->_getPayPalClient();

try {
Log::Info(__FILE__,__METHOD__,', fetching paypal transaction id: '.$transactionId);

$response = $client->execute(new OrdersGetRequest($transactionId));

Log::Info(__FILE__,__METHOD__,', paypal transaction response: '.print_r($response,true));

return $response;
} catch (Exception $ex) {
Log::Info(__FILE__,__METHOD__,', paypal transaction fetch error: Exception: '.$ex->getMessage());
return false;

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