Protection to buy car

Hello I want to buy a vehicle in Italy (I am from France) But I wanted to know if I am protected in the event that I use the payment with purchase protection, in the event that the seller who is a private individual decides not to send me the vehicle? cordially
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Conseiller estimé
Conseiller estimé

hello @Abarth62161 

motor vehicles, and in particular cars are excluded from the PayPal purchase protection /

be careful, there are scams on this (vehicle for sale)


excluded from paypal purchase protection /

vehicles, including but not limited to motor vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, aircraft and boats, except portable light vehicles used for recreational purposes, such as bicycles and hoverboards;


as said before, there is a scam on this type of sale.

my advice would be to go through your bank, and to organize with it a payment by bank transfer. your bank to his

your bank advisor can help you with this transaction.

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