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where did pay pal buttons go?

New Community Member

where did pay pal buttons go?

I have used pay pal buttons for years every year around this time to support some dance studio clients which I have.  I know that you are moving away from them making them almost impossible to find on the site but you don't have any kind of video tutorial for how to transition into whatever the new way of working is supposed to be.  I've tried to go through the developer stuff and it's not very clear.  I see that smart buttons but there does not seem to be an equivalent to the add to cart buttons so people can shop for multiple items without having an elaborate store.  Is there a simple way to transition away from the old paypal buttons but still let me quickly implement buttons which allow clients to select multiple items?  A video tutorial would be very helpful.


Please help and don't just abandon your old clients because there is a new technology!!!!!