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"Receipt for your Payment to" emails - business name is blank


"Receipt for your Payment to" emails - business name is blank

Starting 1/11/19, I've been getting a second receipt email for some purchases made with my PayPal Debit card. The e-mail subject line says, "Receipt for your Payment to" and that's it. Business name is missing / blank.


In the e-mail body the text states:

"A receipt for your recent transaction.

has completed the transaction made using your PayPal Business Debit Mastercard ending in XXXX.

Here's a receipt showing the final purchase price.
Transaction receipt
Transaction ID: XXXXX     January 14, 2019
$23.00 USD"


There's no business name in the e-mail either.

However, when I access my account online, I see the transaction with the business name and everything is legit.


Oddly, these e-mails have come in batches, typically three or four at a time, and they are for transactions that already had triggered an e-mail when the purchase was made (those e-mails have the business name in the subject and body.)

Anyone else seeing this??

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Re: "Receipt for your Payment to" emails - business name is blank

I've been experiencing the same exact issue.  At first I thought it was possibly spam or suspicious for sure.  After checking my account it looks legit.


So is PayPal aware of this, and are they doing anything to resolve the issue?


I file all my emails and find it difficult to identify purchases when it doesn't specify where the money was sent to.  Very inconvenient to try to reconcile against my online account manually.


Any update from PayPal would be nice.  (Maybe at least that "they are aware of the issue and working on a solution")





Re: "Receipt for your Payment to" emails - business name is blank

I had one of these emails come through this weekend that had the business name in the Subject line and in the body of the email. Possible progress? Will see. Will update again once a batch of these show up.


As a side note, if this does get sorted out, I do like this second email as a final notification as it has the full processing amount in the e-mail. This is handy for quickly verifying charges like restaurant tips, without seeking the transaction data in the website or app.