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paypal mastercard login not permited

New Community Member

paypal mastercard login not permited

Login Not Permitted
We're sorry. We have a problem with your account that needs to be fixed before we can restore your online access.


I get this everytime I try to view my acct. I have reached out to paypal a few times and no fix. I have also reached out to synchrony and they cant do anything so please help


Re: paypal mastercard login not permited

Hi @9johnperez4,


I'm sorry to hear that there is an issue interfering with your ability to log in to your card's account. Is there currently a limitation on your PayPal account? In the Resolution Center, are there steps to complete?


If not, further troubleshooting would be necessary to investigate the issue by looking at the details of your account. The community forum can only provide general assistance. Please reach out again to customer service to inquire further.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience.




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