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paypal 50% cashback issue

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I did a transaction through BookMyShow, there is 100% cash back offer in PayPal but I didn't get that, till now 4days they are not responding to my call so help me
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Payment Failed

i was making payment of 1354 INR 954/- INR bt debit card and 400/- of coupan voucher my txn become failed both times when i will get refund? will paypal refund my coupan voucher on it?


BookMyShow offer cashback not received

I done movie tickets on BookMyShow recently by signing up PayPal but i didn't receive cashback
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Re: BookMyShow offer cashback not received

Same thing done for me, iam new user and I use my pay pal first time

Cashback not issued

I have not received cashback of 200 rupees as firsy time transaction. I feel so bad now i should have done recharge through Amazon pay... at least they were giving 100 cashback..
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Re: Cashback not issued


For Indian customers, PayPal has different cashback offers in place at the moment. Firstly, I would recommend checking your eligibility for the specific offer both on Paypals website and on the merchant's website. Generally, the offer is valid only for first-time users’ first transaction on PayPal and can be availed once per PayPal user. Please note that if you have already used PayPal in the past, even with a different account, you would not be eligible for the offer. Also, the cashback voucher will be in the form a discount for your next purchase and no credit will be issued to your balance.

If the offer is specific for one merchant, though, Terms and Conditions may be different! I would recommend reaching out to them directly too. Here is the cashback offer webpage on Paypals website where you can find more information.

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Voucher use

Suppose I have PayPal voucher of 500 If I use it to purchase a product of 200 will 300 balance be available or once voucher used will be lost

Cashback not recieved for myntra

I have shopped on Myntra using PayPal and a first time user ,accofing to T&C I should recieve the cashback instantly but haven't got yet
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False offers

It is advertised that there is 50% cashback max 300₹ on first order, but I received a voucher ,why so?
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Re: False offers



Check this page for information on how to get your cash back (scroll half way down, past the promo deals):

Or this page:

Cashback Voucher

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