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paypal 50% cashback issue

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Cashback terms and conditions.

There are two different Cashback offers are going on PayPal.Its seems little bit confusing as complete details are not specified for each merchants offers. PayPal firstly offering 50% Cashback upto INR 200 for first time PayPal user on their first PayPal payment. Also there are some separate offers for merchant site or app which offers user to get 50% to 100% on completion of their transaction through PayPal.But it's not clearly mentioned that whether these offers are for first time users or All users. A bit dilemma for users whether to for it or not.
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PayPal Promotions

I did a transaction of Rs 13464 on 26th March 2019 and I was supposed to receive cashback of Rs 500, but did not recceive the same. After so many followups, now they are saying that it was credited, but has been cancelled by me, but the fact is that it was never credited to my account. Paypal only attract customer for cashback, but earlier they had system problem in cashback and manually allocating the cashback, but almost 2 months to credit which did not appear in account. Now they are blaming for cancelling the cashback. I really got frustrated with this paypal cheating & blaming the customer.


Ayush <removed>

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Cash Back not received

I booked a Flight ticket through, they told me that i will get FLAT 30%off but i have not yet received the cash back. Can you please tell me how to proceed further.

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Re: Cash Back not received



Check this page for information on how to get your cash back (scroll half way down, past the promo deals):

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. 🙂