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corrupted letters on shipping labels


corrupted letters on shipping labels

Occassionally my labels print in weird symbols instead of the letters or numbers that should be in the address(s).  It scrambles their address as well as my set-in-paypal return address.  I called in months ago and got the typical Paypal run around that it was the fault of my Windows 7 computer even though this is a is a sporatic problem with no visible consistency of cause.  Anyway, Paypal was snotty and guy would not make effort to help me or research it further.  I bought a new computer, Windows 10, at his insistence but made no difference.  It is ONLY the labels that I print within Paypal... If I print on, never a hiccup.  Note, reprinting label does not fix it.  I have to cancel label and then print another. So I have double money paid (not sure why refunds don't show up in my account though...? hmm.)  

BAR CODE is okay and tracking number never corrupted, just addresses (mine and customers) and the instructions & addresses and name on the receipt, too.  PLEASE FIX THIS!!  I WASTED my money on new computer per YOUR (PAYPALS) demand.


Re: corrupted letters on shipping labels

Paypal, I'm signed in you have my email address.

Give me an address and I will send a scan so you can see what's happening.