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adding the phone app


adding the phone app

I have a PP for many years. Now I want to use it via my Phone. Downloaded it but it does find me. I used correct email and password - no success. I do not want to 'start a new account'.

PayPal Employee

Re: adding the phone app

Hi @searover 


Are you still having troubles logging in to your account?


If your email address is correct, it should remember your log ins. What you can do is log on to the website so that you can check what is your confirmed and primary email address on the account. 


To do this:

First, log in to on a web browser > click settings or the cog wheel icon > from here. you'll be able to see your registered email address.


If you are having password issues, you can follow this article for a password reset instructions:'t-i-log-in-faq1935


Hope that helps.