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Zoom Links Sent Out Automatically


Zoom Links Sent Out Automatically

I have signed up for Zoom online hosted art sessions (webinars?). After paying, I automatically receive, via email, my receipt and then the Zoom link.

Does the host, using PayPal, set up the feature, or app, that automates the link to be sent out?
If so what is the PayPal feature, or separate app, that is used? What is the link?



One of the hosts is not techno-savvy, but she is a terrific artist. When someone registers for her weekly session, she has to manually email the link to each attendee. There can be forty (40) or more attendees signing up from a one (1) week to two (2) hours before a session. I'm trying to help her remove that time-consuming element from her life and speed up the process of sending links to the registrants.

Thank you in advance for your help.