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Tracking information difficulties

New Community Member

Tracking information difficulties

I have posted an item from the UK to the US using tracked shipping. I entered the tracking code onto the paypal tracking information page and it has been accepted as a valid code. However, when i go onto the tracking information page and look at the 'sent to' section, the address there is completely different to the address i entered on the package. The name of the person ive sent it to is correct, but a completely different address. I'm worried theres been a mistake and the package is being sent to the wrong address. How could this happen?


Re: Tracking information difficulties

Hi eug1988,


I'm sorry to hear about the mixup with the shipping address and I definitely understand your concern with having the item potentially shipped to the wrong address. Have you tried contacting the buyer to clarify what address the item needs to be shipped to? If the address is incorrect and the item hasn't been delivered just yet, you may be able to contact your shipper and "stop shipment" for the particular item.


I hope everything works out.