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Syncrony Paypal MasterCard


Syncrony Paypal MasterCard

Attn:  PP Corp


I believe Synchrony is now being untrustworthy to conduct business with.  


After making many months of paying the monthly statement balances so that each month it is 0.0 statement balance due, Synchrony says that I did not do this in September and assessed me a late fee.  Yet, I paid the exact amount Syncrony said was my statement amount due!


Now, I will have to take screen shots of the transactions I do via the Synchrony Online Account to prove I make my payments on time and the amount they say I should pay.  But I dont plan on doing for long.


Subsequently, I will be filing a complaint with the FCC and begin the process of closing my Synchrony PP account because I "will not" put up with credit card company shenanigans.  Nor will i spend many minutes, even hours, calling the company to figure out what they are doing and have done.