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Strange Paypal Cash Debit Card Mailed To Me

New Community Member

Strange Paypal Cash Debit Card Mailed To Me

I have a Paypal business account for my business.  I have a separate Paypal personal account for myself.  Both have my legal name associated with it.


Yesterday, I received a letter from Paypal containing a "Paypal Cash Debit Card".  I thought perhaps I might have clicked to order this on my personal account.  My business account already has a Paypal Business Debit Card.


But I noticed something strange.  My first name is misspelled on the debit card.  Instead of the letter "i" (as in India), there is the letter "L" (as in Lima).


I found it unlikely that Paypal would have someone manually type these and that someone might have mistyped my name.  It is more likely this information is ported over from a database of information associated with the account.


I checked both my personal and business account and my name is definitely spelled correctly.  Never has my name been misspelled this way on my accounts.


Also, neither of my accounts has an activation link for this card.  It seems to me, that this card is for an unknown account that someone may have created "sort of" in my name (misspelled) but using my address (as this debit card was mailed to my home).  I have been careful not to activate this debit card, but it disturbs me that someone has a Paypal account set up in my name (slightly typed differently in order to pass a lowercase "L" (l) off as a capital i (I).  And in order to pass any verification, they have used my address to match my information, but inadvertently had something mailed to me.


I tried calling the number on the back of this debit card, but the automated system says that they cannot help over the phone with this type of issue (no matter which selection I make) and tells me to go online for help, before hanging up on me.  It will not let me speak to a live person.


Also, there's no way to directly interact with this debit card online, as this debit card is not associated with either of the accounts that I have.