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Paypal don't understand simple dispute and closed it for incorrect reason


Paypal don't understand simple dispute and closed it for incorrect reason

I hope someone can help because this is really frustrating. 


I wanted to send a parcel via UPS and went through the transaction but cancelled it. The value was £21.17.


The next day I went through another and sent a parcel with that label. The value was £11.39 + £2.40 for an optional extra (2pm delivery).

I was directed to paypal once to authorise the £11.39 and then the £2.40

All was well until I noticed that one transaction in my paypal history showed the value as £21.17 and the other showed £2.40. I clicked on the transaction for £21.17 to expand it and in the right hand column it states item amount £11.39. Total amount £21.17.

I opened a case and Paypal closed it first stating it wasn't a billing dispute and when I replied providing more information (not that it should have needed any) they then said it was being closed because the label was unused. I appealed it and they said the label was unused and I should receive a refund.


What they have failed to grasp is that I'm not disputing the unused label. I'm disputing the used one which was charged at the unused labels price. I'm not ever going to get a refund because the transaction related to a used label.


Clearly UPS got mixed up and submitted two figures but Paypal should be able to see this one transaction with two different amounts in it.




Paid with
Card Art for Basic Issuers
You'll see "PAYPAL *UPS UK" on your card statement.
on 4 April 2020
Transaction ID 1CF26200AY945363P
Seller information UPS Limited +4[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]/dd> Invoice ID 1ZT656EM6820006613000300611003GB287557883 Note UPS PayPal
Purchase details
Item amount

Print details


Notice how the item amount is £11.39 but the total amount is £21.17. The total amount should be £11.39 for the transaction to make sense. Surely that is obvious just by looking at that transaction. No more information is needed.


I might have just prompted a response from UPS by putting a poor review on Trustpilot (they twice promised to refund me if I open a case via paypal)

but how can I get Paypal to recognise this error. Surely no business should be able to produce a receipt where the total amount of the items is greater than the sum of them. That must be an accountants nightmare.


Any help in getting them to recognise this is appreciated.