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Payment Made Canceled

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Payment Made Canceled

Good Afternoon Hoping Someone Can Help ~ I logged in to my pay pal account to check my balance before leaving to go make a purchase and the amount seemed higher than I thought it should be. Upon reviewing my summary page it appears that the payment I made using my pay pal business debit card is showing as canceled/void and the funds from that transaction are back in my balance so I am confused, do I need to contact the company I made payment to and notify them to re submit their request for the payment amount, the funds were available in my pay pal business debit card account when I made this purchase. Thank you so much for your assistance.


Re: Payment Made Canceled

Hi Nonna, 


Welcome to the PayPal community forum. We are always happy to have new members. 


If you paid for something and your payment has now since been returned then I would contact the merchant to advise them what happened. They may ask you to send them the payment again or cancel the order and ask you to order again. 


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