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PayPal "Load Money" Gift Card

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PayPal "Load Money" Gift Card

I have a PayPal Gift Card, issued by PayPal with a denomination from $20 - $500.  I received it as a gift and wanted to check the balance as I don't remember how much the person that gave it to me said it was worth.  The front of the card says, "Load Money ~ Send Cash To Your Paypal Account".


I'm trying to figure out how to load the gift card balance into my PayPal account and how to check the balance on the card.  I can't figure out either!  


On the back of the card, it says: "Three Easy Steps to Load your PayPal Account"

1.  Go to

2.  Log into your account or create an account

3.  Enter the 10-digit My Cash Pin number below



Went I try to go to the link in step 1, I get a message that "This Site Can't Be Reached"


There's a telephone number on the back of the card to call for customer service, balance information or a copy of applicable terms and conditions.  The number is[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]  


When I call that number I reach a different business, not PayPal.  


I found a similar question on the PayPal forum, but the answer wasn't what I was looking for.  The answer given by PayPal was for either a PayPal Mastercard (this is not a credit or debit card) or for loading a gift card for a specific store, like Target, Walmart, etc.  This is a PayPal gift card with Paypal logos.  It was purchased at a grocery store and says there is a $3.95 purchase fee.  There's an account number on the back and a scratch off 10 digit code required to redeem the card.